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FIN-Tastic DIY Tips For Clearing Your Drains

While Shark Week may be scary, a clogged drain can be scarier. The thought of those hazardous chemicals going down your drain probably cues the Jaws theme song to start playing in your head. Master Austin Plumber, Reliant Plumbing is here with a FIN-TASTIC DIY to help clear your drain in no time with using ingredients already found in your household!


Ingredients Needed:

  • Salt
  • Baking Soda
  • White Vinegar
  • Boiling Water


Unclog That Drain!


Step 1: Remove The Drain Cap

Step 2: Combine Baking Soda and Salt in a Bowl (equal parts of both ingredient)

Step 3: Pour The Salt & Baking Soda Mixture Down The Drain

Step 4: Follow The Mixture By Pouring Warm Vinegar Down The Drain-Allow To Sit For A Few Minutes

Step 5: Pour Boiling Water Down The Drain Till It Clears

Step 6: Return The Drain Cap To Its Place And Your Drain Should Be All Clear!


**It might be useful to keep the dry ingredients in an airtight container like a mason jar ready to use whenever you have another clog!**


If you’re more a visual learner, check out this handy 30-second tutorial we found!


Clogged Sink? Fix It In No Time With This DIY Drain-O


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